Hey guys!  My name is Greg and this blog is the story of my journey to becoming a better dad.  Why would I want to share this and why would you want to read it?  Well, about a year ago, my youngest daughter and I were sitting at the breakfast table and she looked up at me from her cereal bowl and said, “Dad, you should start a website to help people become better dads.”  No lie!  From the mouth of a 7 year old.  I asked why she thought that and I got the reply back, “Because you are a good dad and some kids don’t have a good daddy”.

I have often thought about this for the past year and now I have decided to jump on it.  I am no parenting guru, but I know I am trying my best to balance all the things dads have to do and intentionally build my family.  I have been married for almost 15 years and have two daughters ( 8 & 12).  I have learned great deal over this time period and have had some great wins and some great losses.

By day, in my full-time job I am a middle school assistant principal.  So I spend all of my time with kids and quite a bit of time talking to parents.  Before that, I was a classroom teacher and I also spent 4 years working full-time as a youth pastor.  Needless to say, I have witnesses first hand the effects of both good dads, mediocre dads, bad dads, and no dads in the lives of young people.

This blog is not going to judge anyone for their current, or past, position as a dad.  This blog and podcast has one simple mission:  To help men become better dads.  That is why I simply named it “The Better Dad Podcast”.

On this blog, I will be sharing ideas and developing the “Pillars of Being a Better Dad”.  Meaning being a better dad encompasses lots of things.  Relationship building, discipline, finance, career, fitness, lifestyle, etc…I will be defining the pillars, as we go.

I will be developing content for these topics and having guest share their insights into how they are becoming a better dad.


Thanks for reading and I hope you check back in.  I invite you to go ahead a sign as member to this growing community.  I’ll put you in our private Facebook group, where you can connect with me and other men who are trying to be better dads.  Also, subscribe to the podcast.