Special Nights

This week my oldest son got to spend the night at grandma’s house. Logistically this just had to happen so that she could take him to preschool so we made a special night for our other son. So Julie asked him what do you want to do for dinner and he said “Steak N Shake” so we took him out and then just made a special night once he got home. We let him sleep in our room. The next night we let Eli spend the night at grandma’s house. This night we had a special night. We took him to Dairy Queen and let him also sleep in our room. (more…)

Lunch Time With Dad

The past few weeks I have been meaning to go on special dad son time with my boys. It has been a super busy time. I have been doing lots of side business work and have not had time to go out and hang out one on one with them. The other night my wife suggested that they come for lunch with me while I am at work. So I first took Eli. He came we ate and then we walked all over the building being goofy and just laughed a lot. I know he had a good time and Julie said that he was better behaved the rest of the day than normal.

IMG_07901-300x225 (more…)

Daddy Daughter Date

This past week my wife and two sons were out of town. It was just my daughter Raegan and I home (my mom was over to help). Raegan was having a tough time she missed her mom. So I took the simple step of taking my daughter out on a daddy daughter date. She needed some extra dad time. Although it was just her and i and my mom all week she needed some extra time with just dad. (more…)